Orange Wines

Orange Wines

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2017 Terre Del Gufo Alysso Bianco

A floral and fresh wine with honeysuckle and citrus aromatics. This dry white is brimming with meyer lemon, pear, and dried apricot, making it a perfect pick for a spring afternoon in the park. This wine is from the lesser-known and rare Vujnu grape variety found in Calabria, Italy. Looking for a fun, bright undiscovered white? Give this wine by Terre Del Gufo a go!

Grape Varietals: 100% Vujino 


2017 Eraldo Dentici Grechetto IGT Esimio

Seeking something funky? Grechetto is a wine obtained by fermentation with the skins of Grechetto grapes for 50 days. A bright orange hue and an exotic taste bursting with blood orange, dried flowers, and walnut, this is the epitome of an oxidative orange wine.

Grape Varietals: Grechetto


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Orange Wine Bundle

This bundle is all about skin contact, baby! To celebrate Orange Wine Week, we’ve put all of our orange wines together in one funky and intriguing bundle! Pre-order now and you'll receive a range of orange wines from Italy and Chile, including the popular Eraldo Dentici Grechetto IGT Esimio, Terre del Gufo Alysso Bianco, and Tringario Ludopata Moscatel.

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2019 Tringario Ludopata Moscatel

Brilliant, but with some sediments. Pale orange color, with some light gold tones. High intensity and persistence, medium acidity, and low sweetness. In the aftertaste there are some flowers notes and minerality. Even when it has very elegant orange wine aromas, in the mouth it has some rusticity, medium acidity, and slight bitterness.

Grape Varietals: Moscatel de Frontignan

Natural 0% sulfites added in the winemaking.

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