2013 Colle Mora Montefalco Sagrantino

The Colle Mora winery was born from a desire to carry on the family tradition.

The Raffaele Tabarrini family started to produce bulk wine in the 1950s, with artisan methods and a lot of passion.

The love of wine and its production drives Simone Tabarrini to keep the tradition alive, by producing bottled wine and creating the “Colle Mora” label.

The excellent  vineyards, which grow in the most bountiful part of the region, and the support of the family help achieve the highest quality.

Colle Mora use organic practices when producing their wines.

Small winery with big passion for natural winemaking!

$36.00 /750ml

Alcohol Percentage: 15.5%
Varietal: Sagrantino
Appellation: Montefalco, Italy