2019 Feudi Di Guagnano Vegamaro Negroamaro Salento IGT

Serve at 63/64°F / 17/18°C
Try it with: Tomato bruschetta

This bright ruby red comes from the vineyard that is 2,530 years old in the Salento region of south eastern Italy. It has an aroma rich in crunchy red fruits, vegetal notes, nuances of sweet spices and toasted hints of tobacco. In the mouth it expresses itself with balance and a tannin that enriches the structure, making the sip full and elegant.

The wine was grown in Guagnano and was manually harvested in the second ten days of September. After crushing and de-stemming the grapes, the mass containing the must macerates for about 7 days at 26-28°C. The resulting wine ages for 3 months in new and used barrels.

The Vegamaro is bottled in a Bordeaux dark and light bottle. The cork is a sugarcane by-product. The wine is ready about three months after bottling. Its organoleptic properties remain unaltered for at least three years.

Wines produced by Feudi di Guagnano

Vegamaro is a wine certified by ICEA as vegan, since we do not use animal products
during the clarification process. The process of clarification is carried out by using a
substance coming from the potato that gives us similar results.
There are several reasons that made me choose to avoid animal products: first of all, my
love and respect for all the animals, which are used, unluckily, in many fields to satisfy
the human needs. Secondly, because I think that people should undertake a more
sustainable style of life in order to respect the earth and nature, since we are by now too
close to a point of break.
This choice is very important for me, as a wine is also a mean to vehicle some important
messages; a vegan wine in the glass or on the shelf makes people think in the reason
why a winemaker has decided to produce that kind of wine; here is that the problem has
been born and, as a consequence of that, probably the awareness that it is time to
change our lifestyle. It is small contribute to the cause, but it is always preferable to take
part to the mission.

$19.00 /750ml

3 minimum

Alcohol Percentage: 13%
Varietal: Negromaro
Appellation: Salento, Italy