2016 Luca Di Tomaso Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG

It's ruby red color will look picture perfect and pair beautifully with TRUFFLE PASTA WITH SOYA MEAT AND PORCINI MUSHROOMS by Anastasia

Serve at 61-64°F / 16-18°C

Wines produced by Luca Di Tomaso in Italy.

A vintage to remember that of 2016. After a mild winter with only a fewcold raid with some snow, the vegetative start in April with the arrival of mild temperatures and sunny days. The rains, which continued to affect the first part of spring, favored a more rapid vegetation of the plants and also made the soil water reserve suitable. Excellent flowering, which ended in late May, and subsequent excellent fruit set, favored by atruly favorable climate. In the months of August and September the rains limited the waterstress of the period. The strong temperature range of the pre-harvest weeks slowed the course of ripening, preserving the total acidity of the grape. The grapes appear in an excellent state of health as well as the abundant ventilation and dry climate has preserved the vegetative walls from spring attacks and from late attacks of powdery mildew and downy mildew.

The wine was placed in 700-liter French oak Tonneaux from the Barolo and Barbaresco area, where it spent an aging period of 30 months before being destined for the aging phase in concrete for a further 6 months, then it was bottled and left to rest in glass for another 6 monthsbefore being marketed.

$36.00 /750ml

2 minimum

Alcohol Percentage: 15.5%
Varietal: Sagrantino
Appellation: Montefalco, Italy