Canned Wines

Canned Wines

Wine in a can is here and it's not just a fad! These canned wines are of excellent quality, delicious, and best of all, completely vegan! We've got light summery reds, rosé, and white wines available by the six-pack. They're the perfect mix of sophisticated and casual, plus they're portable so you can take them to the beach or anywhere else you'll be sipping in the sun! 

Give them a try - easy to drink, environmentally friendly and easier to open and chill for outdoor consumption! They're guaranteed to be a staple for outdoor entertaining season!

Don't listen to us, listen to one of our happy customers.

"The SauvBlanc and Rose were absolutely amazing. I also loved this theme for summer as we put it in the ice bin and I had to actually hide them since they went so fast. Will be ordering again as the Rose was just enough spice (very rare) and yet dry with a full mouth melon/berry taste. just amazing. Nice job." - Kimberly M.

Stock is limited so order while supplies last.

Only the Cabernet Sauvignon Available - Check back for more later

2017 Sans Cabernet Sauvignon (6 pack)

A light californian red that you can drink on a summers day and still feel refreshed.

2017 Sans Sauvignon Blanc (6 pack)

The perfect white for packing in your cooler and taking to the pool or beach this summer!

Product out of stock!

2017 Sans Rose of Carignan (6 pack)

Product out of stock!

2017 Sans Mixed Pack (6 pack)

Can't decide which varietal you'd like to buy? Look no further and get this mixed pack and receive 2 of each type.

Limited stock so buy soon!