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2017 Serracavallo Besidiae

This wine has a sweet aromatic nose with tropical notes, fairly light body and a sweet touch on the front of the palate.

2017 Serracavallo Sette Chiese

Medium bodied red with soft tannins and a medium acidity. Flavors of ripe cherries, herbaceous, fruity but with a touch of earthiness. Finely textured with a long finish.

2017 Terre Del Gufo Alysso Bianco

A floral and fresh white wine with the aroma of honey and citrus notes. This wine is from the lesser known and rare Vujnu grape variety from Calabria, Italy. A great wine that not many people can say they've tried.

2017 La Veneranda Montefalco Grechetto

An excellent combination of flavor and dry freshness in this full-bodied white. Scents are intense with a bouquet of elderflower, brroom, and yello fruits like peach and mango. Finish of aromatic herbs such as thyme and sage.

CJS Proprietors Red

Well balanced and easy to drink red.

2016 Anthony Road Pinot Gris

A fresh and very pleasing wine.

2016 Hermann J Wiemer Dry Rose

It is perfect for light, summery fair.

2017 Proulx Mission Rose

A fragrant, satisfying, easy-to-love rosé

2016 Barry Family 1800 House Red

A fun and easy red that gives you a little extra something to think about when you're sipping it.

2017 Barry Family Pastiche

A great fruity table wine.