CJS Proprietors Red

Not familiar with Frontenac? This grape variety is a French-American hybrid that hails from Minnesota, where it’s also the most widely planted grape. We’re taking a stand for hybrids (they are also growing increasingly popular among wine geeks), and Frontenac happens to be one of our favorite ones. Not only because it is resistant to frost and the colder weather New York gets in the winter time, but because it produces well balanced wines that are easy to drink.

Despite its dark color, the wine has low tannins bursting with blackcurrant, plum, cherries and chocolate flavors. When made into a dry wine, such as this, it benefits from oak contact as it tends to give it body and structure.  We hope you are as excited about this wine as we are!

Tasting Notes
Dark purple core with developing aromas and flavors of red cherries, blackcurrant, cocoa and earthy elements of thyme and oregano. Medium bodied on the palate with soft tannins, crisp acidity and a touch of black pepper on the finish. Decant for about 30 minutes to let the wine breathe and come into its own. This wine makes us interested in trying more hybrids!

CJS use organic practices when producing their wines.

Chris Scholomiti 
Winemaker & Co-Owner

Alcohol Percentage: 12.5%
Varietal: Frontenac
Appellation: Finger Lakes, NY