2018 Eraldo Dentici Grechetto IGT Esimio

Vegan Wines features the 2017 Eraldo Dentici Grechetto IGT Esimio, produced by a family that practices only natural farming and winemaking. Dentici lets nature lead the way as he creates the features and flavors of his next vintages. Allowing nature to control the process means that these natural wines may feature the same grape, but they will never taste the same year after year. For me, one of the things I look for when choosing wines for the Vegan Wines portfolio is not only vegan winemaking but how the people behind the winemaking lead their lives.

Dentici and his wife share a deep respect for animals and the environment. This family is filled with animal lovers and even animals that are part of their family, like the horse on the bottle’s label. During our visit, they made us one of the best vegan dinners we’ve ever had, paired perfectly with their Grechetto. This Grechetto is a full-bodied white, yet delicate with peachy and flowering flavors. Get elegance shipped right to your door. 

Link to interview with Tannintime.

Eraldo Dentici use organic practices when producing their wines.

Beautiful golden color to express the rockstar wine!

$19.00 /750ml

Alcohol Percentage: 1.35%
Varietal: Grechetto
Appellation: Umbria, Italy