2018 Eraldo Dentici Umbria Rosso "Musa" IGT

Eraldo’s wines are made naturally and you can taste his spirit in them. I feel as if nature gives him high-temperature days to create grapes that are bold because she knows he will balance all his wines perfectly! 

Eraldo’s winemaking – from the day he handpicks the grapes to the day he feels his wines are ready to be bottled – is all about working side by side with nature to produce great wines. His wines are truly a natural work of art made with almost zero intervention. He avoids using any extraneous products – only a tiny amount of sulfites in his winemaking. They don’t wear gloves, add yeast, or impose any temperature control during the process.

You can learn a bit more about Eraldo and his winemaking techniques in this interview with Alessandro. Pay close attention to how he explains the process of making his natural, vegan wines: “Wine is a pleasure, and for that reason, it has to be good and healthy.” We can definitely get on board with that statement!

Eraldo Dentici use organic practices when producing their wines.

This wine was a favorite during my vacation!





$17.00 /750ml

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Alcohol Percentage: 13%
Varietal: Sangiovese
Appellation: Umbria, Italy