2018 La Veneranda Montefalco Grechetto

Grechetto bianco is a white Italian wine grape variety of Greek origins. This popular grape is planted throughout central Italy, particularly in the Umbria region. This wine is made from 100% Grechetto grapes. Traditional to the style, this wine is brimming with lemon, green apple and pear both on the nose and the palate rounding out with grassy traits and aromatic herbs reminiscent of thyme, sage to finish. Pair this Grechetto bianco with herby pasta sauces. You might also like to try this wine with Castelluccio Lentils with tomatoes and a vegan sub for gorgonzola, as a typical dish of the Umbrian region.

Grape: 100% Grechetto


We had such a wonderful visit with the family at this cantina and winery. The owner, Roberto, dreams of leaving everything that he has built here to his two young sons in the future. His 16-hectare vineyard is all harvested by hand to generate only the highest quality wines. Although manual processes often make things more difficult, he says, they believe in ethics over economics. There’s a reason his family has lived here and cultivated the land for almost 500 years!

Vegan Wines already offers La Veneranda’s Grechetto. People love this particular wine from Montefalco (so much so that the first batch sold out very quickly!). And we are excited to share that we hope to add another of their wines soon!

You can learn more about La Veneranda, the family business, their favorite wines, and the science and ethics behind their winemaking in this interview with Alessandro: See it here: 

La Veneranda use organic practices when producing their wines.

Always a pleasure to visit this family winery in Italy!


$21.00 /750ml

Alcohol Percentage: 13.5%
Varietal: Grechetto
Appellation: Montefalco, Italy