Mujer Andina Levita Sparkling Rose Syrah

On the nose, expect a bouquet of apricot, blood orange, lemon blossoms, and strawberry. Shortly after this rose sparkling hits your lips, it’s a berry bomb in the best way, tantalizing your tastebuds with a perfect blend of ripe cherry, strawberry and raspberry. An excellent choice for a sparkling poolside sipper, to conclude your meal in tandem with a chocolate raspberry torte, or to pair with a sweet and savory tapa such as a beet dish with plant-based goat cheese and blueberries.

Grape: 100% Syrah

The Levita has a brilliant pale pink color. In terms of nose, Levita shows elegant, complex, and intense aromas. It's complex, intense, balanced, and very fruity with a delicate bubble.

About Mujer Andina Wines:

Its a premium sparkling wine that was the first project by Mujer Andina Wines. It originated from the wish to create a high-quality product that would be different and original. Syrah, a non-traditional variety for sparkling wines was the chosen one, and its grapes were sourced from the emblematic Maipo Valley. They were grown 100% organically, thus showing responsibility towards the vineyard and the environment.  

The grapes were harvested by hand with the right ripeness for a base wine. The first bunch selection was carried out at the vineyard and the fruit was later also selected on the sorting table. The grapes with their stems underwent a short pre-fermentative maceration to achieve a soft pink color. After a few hours, they were softly pressed to separate the free-run wine from the press wine. The must was fermented at low temperatures, between 12 and 15º C, in stainless steel tanks and using selected yeasts. 

Once the fermentation was completed and before the wine was stabilized, it was kept for 6 to 8 months on its lees in stainless steel tanks. The second fermentation in the bottle took place according to the traditional or Champenoise method. The complete process took approximately 24 months, including 6 months resting time in the bottle before being released.  Levita means to flow, to levitate… to be carried away by the experience of a different sparkling wine, organic and with great character.  

Levita Brut Syrah Rosé belongs to the select group of sparkling wines made with 100% organic grapes and produced under the traditional or Champenoise method. 

About the Winemaker

Mujer Andina Wines is a family-owned project founded in 2011 with the dream of producing innovative wines preferably within an organic philosophy, an eco-friendly view, and with high standards in the still and sparkling wines market. 

For more than a decade now, Chile, like other wine producing countries, has begun to show the world a new face. It is the so-called New Winegrowing Chile, created from the perspective of small producers and winemakers who believe in the diversity, quality and "specialty" of the terroir to which our project belongs. 

The majesty of The Andes Mountains sets the frame that gives its name to this woman-led project. It represents the work of those of us who live on this side of the world, having the Andean range as a reference point for rich and diverse cultures and ethnic groups. But it also pays tribute to the women of South America who, as mothers, also work to make their dreams and those of their families come true, and are passionate about what they do and what they want to express as their legacy.  

It is thus that Mujer Andina Wines was born in 2012 as a company that, motivated by two decades of growing consumption of sparkling wines, both in Chile and in the world.  

On its innovative path, Mujer Andina Wines will continue to develop new sparkling wines and wines from different valleys, with the distinctive character of Chile as a wine-producing country. There are still goals to be achieved, dreams to be fulfilled and much work to be done to deliver wines and sparkling wines from America’s south to a growing market that is increasingly knowledgeable of the wonderful world of wines. 

$34.00 /750ml

Alcohol Percentage: 12%
Varietal: Sparkling Syrah
Appellation: Maipo Valley, Chile