2016 OWM Pillo de Panama Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

Both varieties were co-fermented in a stainless steel tank for 21 days, then moved to a concrete tank (sealed/epoxied) without having any contact with any king of wood. It stays in this sealed tank for 11 months, and the press (very light press) is completed before the malolactic process. This blend is born from the idea of being able to show a different Colchagua, without the use of wood, less alcohol and over maturity. We look for a fresh, balanced and easy to drink wine, being a good alternative at all times.

About the Winery

The vineyard is located 15 km south-west of Santa Cruz, in a sector known as the Valley of Panama, which is characterized by having a microclimate that differentiates it from nearby sectors. The selected sector is made specific tasks, such as pruning, foliage management and work with controlled yields. With a plantation density of 2666 pl / ha and an age of 16 years for Cabernet Sauvignon and 4545 pl / ha and 10 years for Tempranillo, the yields obtained were 7,000 kg / ha and 9,000 kg / ha for each of the varieties of this assembly. 

The selected sectors are characterized by being located on gently sloping slopes, with soils dominated by clays and coarse strata in the higher slopes, giving greater strength and expression to the wine. 

During the winter of 2015 there were 891 cold hours and 533 mm of precipitation. With a normal spring, without delays in blooms and with rain-free conditions, the good conditions of the fruit are maintained. High temperatures in the season with the month of March very warm produces a small advance in the harvests, allowing to obtain good aromatic expressions and tannic structure. 

$19.00 /750ml

Alcohol Percentage: 13.5%
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah Blend
Appellation: Colchagua Valley, Chile