2018 Serracavallo Sette Chiese

Sette Chiese takes its name from the past local tradition of making wine for the churches - and in Basinano there are 7 districts with seven churches. Seven Churches.

About the Winery
Serracavallo is located in the Municipality of Bisignano, on the hills overlooking the valley of Crati, 35 kilometres from Cosenza. In 1995, Demetrio Stancati, began to refurbish the vineyards, planting a clone selection of the native Magliocco (a Calabrian ancient grape variety) and the Pecorello (a particular vine cultivated in Calabria) along with a few international grapes, such as Cabernet-sauvignon and Chardonnay.  

The vineyard is located at 600 meters above sea level, providing a great diurnal temperature variation ensuring a balanced wine through both ripeness and acidity in the grapes. Along with the mainly sandy soil, the south-/south west facing vineyards, a new modern wine cellar equipped with the most up-to-date technology and barrel maturation of the wine: all these factors help produce a high quality product. 

Serracavallo use organic practices when producing their wines.

Dinner was lovely with the vineyard owners.

$22.00 /750ml

Alcohol Percentage: 12%
Varietal: Maglicocco, Cabernet Sauvignon
Appellation: Calabria, Italy